Faith in yourself

There was a moment in time where big events would be a cause of anxiety for me. Whether it was a big speech in public, meeting new people or even going to an event with friends. Eek, and forget about it if it was an interview!  More recently, it was the night before doctor’s visits that would fill me with fear and anxiety. I would stress (obsess) over the upcoming event for days ahead of time. Sometimes it was all that I could think about, especially the night before. The night that I needed a good rest in anticipation of the day head, I would lay wide awake wondering what could happen.

I have learned over the last year that all of the anxiety that I cause myself is unnecessary. I cannot control every aspect of the approaching day.  I can simply prepare myself as best as possible, get a good night of sleep and have faith in myself.  Whatever the day brings, I am brave enough to take it on, strong enough to conquer it and humble enough to appreciate what it will teach me – about the world and myself.

Rather than doubting my own abilities and fearing the worst, I am going to continue to have faith that I am on the path that I am meant to be on and doing all that I can to keep on that path.

So whatever is causing you fear or anxiety today, remember that you can – and you will – overcome it.  Whatever it is.

Be strong, friends.  And have faith in yourself.

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