So I ran today.

…and it sucked. Well, actually I sucked at running. But I did it.  And I’m going to continue doing it.

Because I’m sick of making excuses.

Because after cancer, I’m jiggling in all the wrong places.

Because the chemo weight isn’t going to lose itself.

Because my 15 year old cross country running self would kick my toosh if she knew how bad of a runner I have become.

Because I spend the majority of my day sitting inside.

Because I am sick of losing all of these fitbit challenges and there’s only so many times I can walk in circles.

Because despite the heat, it’s gorgeous outside.

Because fresh air will do me some good.

Because it clears my head and allows me to get lost in my thoughts without distraction.

Because I spent a significant portion of my life being sedentary.

Because my clothes are too tight for comfort.

Because after reconstruction, I want to go clothes shopping and feel good when trying on clothes.

Because the 30 minutes are going to pass anyway.

Because I probably spend 30 minutes a day on the Internet so I really have no excuse for not finding the time.

Because 10000 steps a day shouldn’t be so difficult.

Because I want to live a long, healthy life and exercise is essential to that.

Because my baby sister and I have been talking about running together for years and I always find an excuse not to out of fear of failure.  When I visit her in July, I want to ask her to go for a run and feel confident that I can do it.

Because despite how hard today was, by this time next week I’ll be significantly better.  So imagine what 6 weeks time will bring.

6 thoughts on “So I ran today.

  1. I’ve never been able to run, but I do enjoy 5k’s. I walked one 2 weeks ago & I finished. Last, but I finished. I was so proud of myself.

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  2. If you ever see me running, you better turn heal and start running, too, because it means someone or something is chasing me! LOL. But good on you! I have my own 10 lbs of chemo weight, weighing on me. You have inspired me to make my walks a priority.

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