Right side expansion day 1!

Today 120 cc were added to my right side expander for a total of 270 cc on that side (left had over 600 cc total).  It’s tight but not nearly as uncomfortable as I remember the left side being. That may change over the coming weeks but I’ll take the little discomfort as a good sign for now!

The expansion doesn’t have to be as rushed this time so instead of twice a week, I’ll be going once a week – yay! In a few weeks time, I’ll be expanded and on a break for a bit.  Wahoo!

It was nice to be greeted with the kindness of the plastic surgeon and his staff, as they are always so sweet. We joked about the radiation damage and the time that passed.  We discussed the reconstruction process and he is hopeful that depending on how my skin heals, I should be able to have a relatively “simple” swap out and have it in just 5 months time versus 6 months!

Time will tell but it’s a good day, my friends!

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