Off we go!


Anytime we travel, we always end up going to bed way too late the night before preparing and yet we wake up bright & early ready to get moving. The excitement immediately kicks in and caffeine is almost unnecessary because my mind starts working immediately to accomplish the last minute tasks and get out the door on time.

I was asked to come in early today for my final treatment because the machine will be down from 8am – 845am. I had the option to go after but I didn’t want to risk not having treatment if the machine needed more time. So today we are up extra early and starting our day before the sun has fully risen.  It is the end of this journey and the beginning of something great that is rising on the horizon.

Jacob wasn’t really feeling the excitement this morning but Joe & I are giddy with it. And thanks to my sweet friend, my necklace is on point for today! (That’s a saying, right?)  Oh, and the Phoenix Alex & Ani bracelet my husband spotted (the last in stock) and surprised me with!

Happy Wednesday, friends! What new journey are you starting?

4 thoughts on “Off we go!

  1. Happy, happy beam off day! I know the giddy excitement! 🙂 My adventure today is pre-admission testing at the hospital to prepare for port removal on Friday!

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  2. It’s another marker on my journey that I can check to be complete. Friday is also the one-year mark of when my doctor ordered my “routine” mammogram that started this journey.

    How much longer will you continue the Herceptin treatment? I will cheer for you when you ring the bell & say “bye-bye port, thank you for your service, but I don’t need you any longer”.

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