Sister snuggles x 4


Growing up with 3 sisters, we had our moments of anger, frustration and tears. We had one and a half bathrooms, we shared bedrooms for many years and we had a minivan that we crammed into for weekend road trips.

Despite age differences, we were all close. We stood up for each other when needed, cheered each other on during games & practice and when we were lucky, hung out at each other’s sleepovers. It wasn’t until my baby sister & I moved away that I truly understood how important my relationship was with my sisters. I had only ever known it being there physically and without it, I needed to adapt and learn how it worked long distance.

Sure, we all talked when we could, visited when able and called every holiday. We have continued to be there for each other for every marriage and every baby. But there is one thing that I never truly understood the importance of and that I took for granted when I lived in New York.

Sister snuggles.

They are the moments on the couch, where there are legs hanging off and we aren’t quite sure which leg belongs to who.

They are the funny moments that make you laugh so hard your abs hurt.

They are smiles so big that your cheeks are sore and yet you can’t stop smiling.

They are conversations that you’ve had 5 times and yet can’t stop talking about because the 4 of you keep distracting each other.

They are hugs and cuddles that I couldn’t live without.

Today’s second blessing is my sisters.  Each one of them brings a different perspective, a unique idea and a creative outlook. Each one I am blessed to have in my life. This past weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to spend 3 whole days with them. And oh, how wonderful it was.

*Pictures include our sweet momma and Kate Sr, our newest honorary sister!

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