My husband


Last, but certainly not least, today’s third blessing is my husband.

My sweet husband and little man traveled with me this past weekend to upstate New York. Despite it being a mostly girl activity filled weekend, he came to help me, both physically and mentally. He traveled along without complaint through the sister giggles that often made no sense, the bridal shower prep panics and the last minute errands. He snuggled little man to bed each night, ran out to grab me an iced coffee and Jacob some milk when needed and woke up early to help me attack the days activities.

And yet, this is only a glimpse into what this man does for me and our family. On top of all of these activities and the ins & outs of life and work, this man cares for me. He ensures I take all of my medications, attends every single appointment (the radiation oncologist almost had to write a note to get him to stay home from daily radiation appointments!), bandages all of my radiation burns every day and checks on my water intake regularly.

He wears the hat of a nurse, a pharmacist, a cook, a caregiver, a best friend, a husband, a father and about a dozen other hats…and he does them all without complaint. Not once did he hesitate to jump into action and care for me in whatever form that it entailed throughout this journey. He has continued to be my safe haven, my voice of reason, my sounding board and my shoulder to cry on. He is my motivation to be better and do better. He is my reason for wanting the best of life.

He is the man who gives me strength and compassion and happiness and so much more.  He is the love of my life and the man of my dreams.

He completes me.

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