A day off…sort of

Today I headed to treatment for my first day on the new machine. The machine that I was previously on had lead parts that moved to form my treatment area. I would be treated a total of 5 times each day and would have to hold my breath for each treatment. I also had films done each day to ensure my breath hold and positioning was perfect.

The new machine that I’m on is a bit different. No more breath holds or films needed – wahoo!  And instead of lead parts forming my treatment field, a lead mold is cut just for me. It is cut based on the CT scan that I had prior to treatment. The radiation used on this machinr is a different type than the previous radiation.  The mold forms the treatment field on my skin, which is my entire scar and 2 cm around it on all sides.

When aligning me today, the mold wasn’t quite perfect for the shape of my scar.  This can be manipulated to some degree but after trying to manipulate it many different ways, the doctor decided that today’s treatment was a no-go. Basically, the mold would be over-radiating the section and the doctor was not comfortable with the way the treatment field was on my skin.

So, no treatment today.  I still have 5 to go but they should have my new mold cut and ready tomorrow to begin my boost treatment then.  I appreciate that they need everything to be perfect!

My radiation oncologist checked out my skin today and aside from the area under my arm that is a hot mess, she said that my skin is healing beautifully! It’s irritated, itchy and bright red but it’s healing so that’s exciting! Since my boost treatments will be aimed directly at my scar tissue, everything else should start healing nicely within the next few weeks.  It’ll get a little worse before it gets better but I’m glad it’s looking good to her!

Happy Tuesday, friends. How was your day?

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