My 25th birthday was a big deal for me. I felt as though it was a milestone birthday like turning 18 or 21 except for me it brought a lot of questions. What am I doing with my life? What have I accomplished? What do I want to accomplish?  A lot of big questions that I didn’t have the answer to – turning 25 created a little chaos in my brain.

My brain chaos hasn’t gotten much better over the years but I am learning to embrace birthdays as a reminder that I am alive, well and able to continue working towards whatever it is my heart desires. What better reason to celebrate?

Speaking of celebrate…today’s 25 is another reason to celebrate. I am officially done with my 25 regular radiation treatments! I know, I know, I can’t believe it either. 5 weeks down and just 1 to go – wahoo!

Of course, my final regular treatment couldn’t go off without a hitch.  😉  For whatever reason, a smidgen (my radiation oncologist’s word) of my heart kept showing up in the films and the technicians were having a hard time aligning me (one little thing can throw it all off!). An hour later, a visit from the doctor to help and some numb arms and my heart was safely out of the way to begin treatment!  Yeah!  Next, five boost treatments aimed at my tumor area and scar tissue and I’m all done.  So close!

My skin continues to look a little worse every day. My entire left side, including my chest, armpit, neckline and side, are all bright red like a horrible sunburn and peeling.  It itches and hurts but the creams help as much as they can.  While aligning me for treatment today, one of the technicians suggested I stop down and see the nurse at the doctor’s station because of the changes in my skin from Friday. Yikes.  So I did and the nurse gave me some special gauze to help keep the area under my armpit and around where my tumor was hydrated.  So 4 creams, special gauze and regular gauze now…all wrapped up with an ace bandage!  I feel sorta like a walking mummy with my chest all wrapped up like this.

Anyway, 25 down! Tomorrow I start on a different machine and after a short visit of 5 treatments I’ll be done. That is definitely something to celebrate!

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