My story

My story  050616

Today’s treatment activities brought three separate appointments throughout the day. Each one of them ran longer than usual, which left me with some time to read. I love love love to read but it has not been something that I have been doing regularly recently. I love getting lost in a story, becoming one with the character and not being able to put down that book. As we all know too well though, life can become a little crazy and certain hobbies fall to the side while you try to accomplish everything life has to offer you in that moment.

So today when life handed me a moment or two to slow down, I turned to reading. I happened to have a book with me that I started reading a month ago and whew, it was a real page turner for me. Each page brought new insight, a change in perspective and sometimes even a little humor. The main character was someone that I dream of being and the memories that she has made throughout the book are truly priceless; some moments are even things that only happen in the movies. There are a lot of tears, there is a lot of happiness and there is even more love.

This character seems fearless, strong, honest, loving and kind. She has a beautiful family and a love of life. When I read this book, I become lost in her story and I can’t help but wonder what the future holds for her.

Only time can tell…but the blank pages in front of her ache to be written and filled with the magic of her words.

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