Tired Tuesday

Our sweet boy has not been sleeping well. I think it’s his second molars making their way in, causing lots of lost sleep at night and two very tired parents. Last night, he was awake a large portion of the night and so were we. Needless to say, it was a rough morning in our house.  At least Jacob woke up happy!

I had an early morning appointment before radiation to be fitted for a lymphadema sleeve. Since I had lymph nodes removed, I am at risk for lymphadema in my left arm and hand going forward. I have to be careful not to injure my arm and I can’t wear anything tight like a watch (or fitbit, oops!) Or I could have severe swelling that, from what I understand, can be quite painful.  So I was fitted for a sleeve that fits pretty snug and am supposed to wear it anytime I’m sitting at a desk or going for a long car ride or flying.

So today, I arrived at the center where I receive radiation treatment and headed next door to the “spa” in the hospital. The woman who helped me was kind and very knowledgeable. She measured me and shared what options she had in stock and that I could order items as well. I asked if I could have more than one so I could have one clean at all times and that’s when I learned that my insurance covers them in full for this year!

Wait, what? Aren’t you out of network? I mean, I had to drive over 2 hours to a post mastectomy supply store for it to be covered in full (well, fullish with all of their up charges).  Well, apparently not. Since they are part of the hospital, their billing is through the hospital and they are completely in network. Say what?!  I am sure you can imagine my excitement at this! Well then you can especially imagine my excitement that she offered to refit me for the post mastectomy bras – this time with styles that are more comfortable and fit better under every day clothing (like a tank top).  And they will be covered under insurance.  Yay!!  I was a happy lady and it wasn’t even 9am.

Next, I headed to radiation and then saw my radiation oncologist for my weekly checkup.  I have to start using a burn cream where my skin is peeling so I’m up to 4 creams/lotions 2 – 3 times a day now.  I have to put a gauze over it too, which I needed Joe’s help with to do since it’s mostly in and around my armpit area.  Hopefully the cream will help and will prevent any more open wounds.

I did confirm today that I will need the 5 booster treatments after my next 4 regular treatments (wait, this means I’m in the single digits now, wahoo!!). The booster is increased radiation aimed specifically at my scar tissue to help prevent the chance of recurrence in that area.  My skin should start to heal about two weeks after radiation ends (it lags a bit) and then the scar tissue will worsen a little before it gets better. So hopefully this time next month I won’t have quite as many creams to use!

By the time I made it to work, I was pretty tired from the morning’s activities but I was pleasantly surprised with a bouquet of flowers and a sweet card that my husband brought in for me – just because.  More tears!

I woke up today wondering how I would get through the day being so exhausted and the day has been filled with blessings.  If that can’t make for a great day, I’m not sure what can.  💚💚💚

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