A shape up!


In anticipation of the week ahead, I decided it was time to tame the craziness on my head a bit.  My hair is (thankfully!) growing in pretty quick and it needed a bit of a touch up.  I don’t have enough hair for a full on cut and style but I was excited, and a bit nervous, to have my hair trimmed up so it looks purposefully short.

We ventured to a local shop that Joe goes to regularly. The owner came in just for us (closed Sundays normally).  With Joe watching and Jacob playing around the chairs, the buzzer was brought up to head. It’s an odd feeling, having the buzzer so close to your ears that you can feel them vibrate. It kind of makes my ears itch. Anyway, a few minutes of edging mixed with laughter and some gel and I have a no ‘do!

It’s quite an incredible feeling, to have come so far that I had enough hair for a little style today. This moment seemed so far away for so long.  Oh, the little things in life…how good they feel.

5 thoughts on “A shape up!

  1. Oh, isn’t that cute! How awesome! I am at a point now that I’m ready for someone to give me a little shaping up (other than my own attempts). My girlfriends tell me that I don’t look like I have chemo grow out at all any more, but it is SO darn curly. And who knew I had all these crazy cowlicks? LOL 🙂 Now to find someone I trust who can just give it the proper snip snip snip to turn it into a proper “style” without removing too much. 🙂

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    1. It’s exciting isn’t it?! I’ve never seen my hair so short so it’s neat to see how it grows in! How far past chemo are you? Good luck with the trim, share pictures when you can!

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      1. I will! I just uploaded a picture of myself with my current “egg beater” look on my “About Me” page. LOL Hoping to find a stylist soon before I’m looking like Ann Burrell (before she got her new do. )

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