Can you believe I’m over halfway done with radiation treatment?! Me neither! Time sure does move fast.  The fatigue is taking a toll on me but I mostly feel good. I’m tired but have a hard time sleeping sometimes, especially if I’m just trying to nap.  My skin is turning a nice shade of red now and it looks as though I have an oddly shaped sunburn across the area being radiated. It’s starting to itch too so the doctor prescribed a cream to help with that. So now it’s Miaderm mixed with calendula oil and topped with a steroid cream 2 -3 times a day.

Sometimes it hurts, mostly under my armpit area but that comes and goes so it isn’t too bad just yet.  The pain in my esophagus is finally under control, thanks to the medicine the doctor prescribed last week.  I accidentally skipped 2 doses over the weekend and the pain immediately came back so I’m grateful the medicine helps!

Aside from that, I’m anxious to be done, simply because I’m ready to move on from this part.  ☺

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and enjoying the change of season!

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