Team Gina

My visit to the dentist back in August was uneventful in terms of my teeth but subsequently eventful in what occurred afterwards. Soon after that visit, my dental hygienist called me because one of the patients that she saw that day has a local foundation that assists breast cancer warriors. She had mentioned me to the founder of the organization and he had asked that I give him a call to see how he could help me. The thought was incredibly kind and it warmed my heart that she thought of me that day. Since I was starting treatment that week, I didn’t contact him right away but did eventually reach out to introduce myself.

Will is the founder of the Gina McReynolds Foundation and the cause is close to his heart, as he lost his wife to breast cancer when she was about my age. When I first spoke to Will, it felt like I was talking to an old friend. He knew a lot about breast cancer, understood the treatment that I was undergoing and the battle that my family and I were facing.

Fast forward to this month. I had a dentist appointment scheduled for the end of the month but asked to be notified if anything opened up sooner. When the office called me, I had two options but only one that really worked for my new radiation schedule so that’s the one I picked. After having my teeth cleaned, I said good bye to the wonderful ladies in the front office and they replied, using my name and wishing me a great day.

I walked into the waiting room and a man was standing in front of the reception desk. He looked at me, puzzled, and said “Meghan?” I smiled with a puzzled look in return and he introduced himself – it was Will, from Team Gina! I couldn’t believe it – what are the chances? We shook hands and chatted for a moment before his appointment and he invited us to meet the foundation’s board. So last night, we had the pleasure of doing just that.

Joe, Jacob & I spent the evening chatting with the folks that make up the board and getting to know more about them and the organization. They learned all about us, what we enjoy, about our families and more. The evening was full of laughter and lots of fun.

At the end of dinner, they surprised us with a gift from their foundation. It was a thoughtful, kind gift that I will forever hold dear. I cannot wait to begin giving back to this incredible, deserving organization.

It is moments like this in life that, despite my diagnosis, I am reminded that I am truly too blessed to complain. And I’m on the right path in life.

4 thoughts on “Team Gina

    1. Wow, I am honored to be a part of your list and I am going to spend some time getting to know the other blogs that you share, as well as your own. Knowing that I am not alone in this journey is truly priceless.

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