Rough seas


The last week of treatment and fatigue was beginning to weigh on my mind the last few days. So despite the crazy wind and chance of rain, we ventured to the beach yesterday – my happy place – to enjoy some time together. The ocean was rough with the waves crashing against each other over the sand bar and trying to steal Jacob’s sand pail. Each time the water came closer to where we were standing, Jacob would yell “oohhh, oohhh!” and jump back a little to stay away from it. As soon as the water began to rush back out, he would run towards it again.  It made us laugh and he was having a ball doing it. He could sense the water was rougher than usual, battling amongst itself.

About halfway through the day, another family set up on the beach next to us. The mom stopped over to say hello and we started to chat about life. We joke & laughed and shared stories about our kids for a bit. She eventually joined her family again to help her kids bury her husband in the sand and Jacob fell asleep on my lap. It felt nice, normal.

Despite the rough sea in front of us, the wind blowing heavy and the slight clouds in the sky, we were all able to enjoy the beauty and grace of the day.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

We don’t know what battles others around us may be fighting. A kind word or a simple gesture can go a long way and sometimes it is all a person needs to keep fighting. Spread the love, my friends.

9 thoughts on “Rough seas

      1. Having a pretty good week apart from running to the loo…but Imodeen helps. Also famished from steroids. Having too many biscuits but enjoying the treat.


      2. I hadn’t thought of biscuits, I bet that would have been the perfect “bland” food during the rough days. I basically lived off of eggs, bacon (surprisingly), cheese and crackers! I hope your stomach settles soon.

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