Treatment day blessings


On this treatment day, I am grateful for:

1. An afternoon appointment that allowed me a morning of play with little man before the post treatment fatigue.
2.  A break in the crazy rain storms to get some fresh air outside.
3.  Slight overcast skies and all this hair growth so neither of us need a hat today!

I am truly too blessed to complain. How about you?

3 thoughts on “Treatment day blessings

  1. me too 🙂 I am grateful that i found a cafe close to my home on this day; coffee and bagels were as usual my most precious treat to myself. I am also grateful that I worked and effectively finished four assignments that have been lingering over my head for weeks – what a relief! I am also grateful that I cleaned my home even though I dread it and now doing my laundry, just another things I do not like to do (but I keep doing, yay!). And finally, I am grateful that I had shopped yesterday and bought a head of cauliflower – now baking it in the oven with eggs and olive oil and will serve with garlicky sauce and chili. a rare occasion of me cooking a veggie dish (healthy) in the last 1 month! thanks for this post that prompted me to write these 🙂

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