The Love Jars Outreach

Love Jars Outreach Event 032016

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Compassionate Hands and Hearts Outreach event. I was blessed to be a recipient of this organization last year. Each month, this organization supports local women (and men) who are battling breast cancer. The recipients are provided a financial gift to help with their journey along with a gift bag filled with lots of items to help make life a little easier.

When I attended the outreach with this organization in November, it touched me in a way that is hard to describe. These people, these warriors…they’re amazing. They volunteer their time, their minds, their ears and their hearts to help people like myself. They offer support, encouragement and friendship. They understand the battle and have survived it themselves.

I wanted to give back to this organization, for the love that they shown me and my family. Thanks to the support of Team Red Phoenix, I brought Love Jars to the outreach for each of this month’s recipients. They were placed in the gift bags alongside other wonderful items that were donated to help during their journey. Listening to each of these six women share their story, and knowing that they are all right here in my town, brought tears. My heart aches for each of their stories and the struggles that breast cancer has brought them. I can simply hope and pray that through the support of organizations such as CHHO that these women find comfort in their journey.

And perhaps the Love Jars help them to know that they are not fighting alone.  Spread the love.

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