Goal planning

When Joe & I were engaged, I knew that I wanted to lose weight prior to our wedding. According to the BMI calculator at my doctor’s office, I was considered obese and my blood work was beginning to show areas of concern. A lifestyle change was needed and I knew I needed to fully commit to those changes in order to be successful. I talked it over with Joe and we decided to make the change together.

We started by setting a date that we would begin making these changes. We became engaged in October and the holidays were right around the corner so we opted to start after the New Year. That particular year, New Year’s Day fell on a Friday. Knowing that we would need time to prep for the changes, we opted to begin the first Monday of that year.

Every Monday after that became our “weigh in day”, where we would track our progress. Using excel, we inputted what our healthy goal weight was and the timeline that we wanted to reach it by. In addition to holding ourselves accountable, I asked one of my best friends to hold me accountable also. Having her cheer me on was a huge help.

Joe & I decided to track our food intake in order to help hold us see the food choices that we made each day. Every weekend, we researched recipes, grocery shopped and prepped meals for the entire week. We used a notebook to write down everything that we ate.

We also began walking. After work each night, we would go for a short walk around our neighborhood and talk about how our days went or what our weekend plans were.

By the time our wedding date arrived, we both had reached our goal weight and were happy with it. We had each lost the weight equivalent of a young child and were now within the normal healthy weight range for our heights. Our blood work was even showing drastic improvements and we were able to shop for new clothes to take with us on our honeymoon. I even wore a bikini, something that I had not done since I was a teenager.

For me, this was successful because I was able to see the progress week over week. Prepping ahead of time, setting realistic expectations and tracking progress along the way helped me to fully engage in the changes and better understand what worked and what didn’t. Writing everything down forced me to acknowledge what I was eating and how much (or how little) I was exercising.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about goals that I want to set for myself and I’m curious what other people do in order to help them achieve their goals (they don’t have to be weight related). How do you hold yourselves accountable? What keeps you motivated? Do you use a reward of some sort as the prize for achieving your goals?

Comment below and share with me! I’m anxious to learn the tips and tricks that others use to reach for the stars. Hopefully your tips will help me to achieve my goals too. 🙂

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