Friday blessings

Last night, I went to bed dreading today’s treatment. Even though it’s the easier part of what I’ve been through, it’s the hassle of going out there, getting hooked up, heading home and being exhausted with stomach issues for the next few days. I said it to Joe a few times and he replied by asking if I was ok. And I am, ok. I’m just tired of the back and forth and the never-ending doctor’s appointments. I know it’ll ease over time, hopefully mid-year, and I’ll probably wish they were seeing me more regularly. But right now, the appointments fill my weeks and it’s relatively exhausting.

Little man went to bed in his room last night and early this morning, his cries brought him into our bed to snuggle until the alarm went off. I drifted off to sleep with little man hugging my husband since we try not to let him snuggle me at night because of the numbness and pain in my chest.

This morning, my brain registered little touches on my face as I awoke from sleep. Somewhere between dream and wakefulness, I heard a like “muah” over and over again that corresponded with these soft touches. I opened my eyes to a huge smile on my sweet boy’s face as he was coming in for another kiss. I was blessed with waking up to his adorable smooches on this sunny Friday morning. I’m not sure there are many things in this world that are sweeter than that.

My three blessings today:

  1. Waking up to little man’s smooches!
  2. My incredible husband, who continues to stay strong for me, making me coffee and bringing our son to daycare every morning.
  3. Treatment & expansion day. Although I am not looking forward to treatment today, and I’m seriously dreading expansion, I am grateful for the medical treatment that I am able to receive so that I can live a long and healthy life.

What are you blessed with today?

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