Busy, busy!


Whew, what a day! It started with heading to the plastic surgeon for another expansion. This time it was only 60 cc, which is no where near as uncomfortable as my last expansion. There is still a lot of pressure and some pain but it’s bearable and for that I am grateful.  Two more before radiation and then I’m done with the left side!  I tried to think of a way to continue my Thanksgiving Day analogy but I think I’ll just leave it at, I’m way past full.

Next up was a trip to the cancer institute for my Herceptin treatment. Crazy that it’s already been 3 weeks! This time we brought in more Love Jars.  The moment Joe & I stepped into the elevator, two women asked us about them. We happily let them each pick one and they were super excited.  They asked me lots of questions about them, read one out loud in the waiting room and came up to thank me again before leaving.  They were very sweet.

I leave them on the reception desk and the ladies who run it were excited to see them again. One of the ladies told us that she follows a patient on one of her social media pages and she would post one of the love notes from the jar every day. How cool is that?!

The hardest part of treatment today was trying not to laugh too hard with the nurses.  The pressure in my chest hurts when I laugh for the first few days so laughing is a challenge, especially a good belly laugh.   The nurses are always so pleasant and friendly!

Despite my hesitation towards today, it turned out to be a great day. I’m tired and sore but I’m grateful that today was filled with laughter, encouragement and lots of love.

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