What drives you?

When I was pregnant with my son, I was often asked what I thought he would be when he grew up. This is a valid question and something that I have asked friends before.  I never knew how to answer this question because as much as I dreamed about my little man, I had no idea what path his life would take. I simply hoped that Joe & would instill enough values and self confidence that he could follow his dreams.

One of the ways that children learn though, is by example. So the example I am setting for my tot is to follow my dreams. Right now, that dream is to not be defined by breast cancer. Yes, it has become a part of my life that will never fully leave me or my family. Yes, it is a battle I will fight for the rest of my life, taking steps to ensure it doesn’t come back. But it doesn’t define who I am or what I believe. And that is what drives me.  It will take baby steps, but every step is on the path forward.

What drives you to follow your dreams?

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