Growth in kale


It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I love kale. Kale chips, kale salad, kale in my smoothie, kale in soup, sautéed kale, I could go on and on! My love for kale is so well know that this past Christmas I was gifted an “I hate kale” cookbook as a joke and as a way to find new recipes (and reasons to love it!).

We are fortunate to live just 5 minutes down the road from a local farm that sets up shop on the weekends. They are always loaded up with fresh fruits and veggies. Everything is treated with little to no pesticides (and if they do have pesticides, they are natural ones). They grow a lot of the items on their own land and others they purchase from  local farmers and sometimes different states. Their prices are awesome and I typically leave with 2 or 3 reusable bags filled to the breaking point for less than $30. We joke with the owners that some day our little man will be working right along side them to learn how to successfully grow fruits & veggies.

Every fall, they begin harvesting kale from their land through the end of March-ish. Pulling up to the farm, you can see rows upon rows of kale growing.  Whenever someone wants to purchase the kale, the owners walk out and hand pick it fresh for you. I absolutely love this and look forward to fresh kale this time of year!

Last year, I wanted Jacob to have a little fun in the kale buying experience so we took him out to the kale field and snapped a photo of him in it (with the owner’s permission, of course). This past weekend, we asked if we could snap a photo with him in the kale again and compare the difference in his growth. My goodness, he has grown! Last year the kale was taller than him and this year he seems to be towering over it!  Slow down, time!

We are fortunate to have a child that isn’t overly picky (though he has his moments). He seems to enjoy kale, especially when they are crunchy chips (one of my favorite ways to enjoy it)!  Another bonus of kale? Research suggests it has cancer fighting capabilities. I guess I’m headed in the right direction with eating all of this kale goodness!  😄🌱

10 thoughts on “Growth in kale

  1. I love kale too! I’m actually sprouting some getting ready for spring planting. It is so easy to grow; you can grow in pots even. It Winters over here and we pick in December. Snow makes it sweeter!

    You are so lucky to have farmers around you that understand how important it is to keep food clean. Unfortunately here we have Ingles and that’s it for clean produce. Unless of course you consider my backyard as an alternative haha

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    1. I didn’t know you could grow it in pots! I should try that, it would be very rewarding! Haha I think your backyard is the perfect alternative! Let me know how your spring planting goes!

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      1. The Red is sweeter naturally. Of course all Kale gets sweeter after freezing as the carbs are further broken down into sugar.

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