Lifelong friends

Friendship is an interesting thing. Throughout life, we meet people and connect with them on some level that leaves us wanting to know them better and see them more. Sometimes these connections turn into friendships that last a few months or maybe even a few years. Others may be instantaneous and last forever once the connection is made.  Sometimes, there are friendships that are lifelong.

My parents have been friends with a couple for, what seems like, ever. This couple had children at the same time as my parents and while my parents had 4 girls, their friends had 3 girls and a boy – all the same age as us.  My three sisters & I were each blessed with an instant best friend.

Throughout our childhood, we did everything together – softball, camping, cookouts, swimming lessons, girl scouts, sleepovers and everything in between. We had our fair share of fights but always made up.  My entire childhood is filled with incredible memories with them and adventures we went on together.

We have all taken different paths in our lives but no matter where life has taken us, we have remained in touch. This week, their entire family traveled to Florida for vacation. Joe, Jacob and I took the short drive to Orlando today to spend the afternoon with them. We sat by the pool on this gorgeous day, with the sun shining bright. We watched our own littles play together and splash in the pool. We shared stories about growing up and laughed hard at the life we have shared together. It was an amazing day and something I could have only hoped for when I was a child playing outside with them.

I am blessed to have an incredible group of lifelong friends by my side.  💚



5 thoughts on “Lifelong friends

  1. Wow–great photos of you with the Dodge family. I look for your posts every day and am so happy for your progress. I wish you continued good health. Please continue to write and I look forward to reading your book!

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