A hot shower…

Growing up in a family of 6 and one full bathroom, a hot shower was not always a daily thing. With 3 sisters that love to shower as much as me, we often raced each other in the morning in an attempt to enjoy the warm water before it turned cold.  When my older sister and I were in high school together, this became a bigger challenge for me because she typically beat me to the shower by a few minutes. This resulted in quite a few frigid showers for me, though looking back it’s all relative to the chilly New York winters. Even a steaming hot shower didn’t always warm me up on a frosty pre-dawn morning.

Despite the warmth of today’s sunny 72 degrees, I took one of the longest showers ever. I stayed until the water ran cold and my fingers started to wrinkle. Such a sweet luxury that i greatly enjoyed today.

It’ll be a while before I’m able to enjoy a hot shower like this again. Today I’ll have my lines drawn for tomorrow’s surgery and my next shower will have to wait until after my drains are removed. Thankfully, I have lots of baby wipes from little man. I’m actually quite grateful that I don’t have to worry about greasy hair over the next few weeks!  Kindly keep this in mind if you see me over the next month or so!  🙂

2 thoughts on “A hot shower…

  1. Wishing you luck and love for your surgery tomorrow.
    Surgery was a breeze for me compared to this crappy chemo but then my surgery was less complex than what you are going through.
    I know you will know this already and I know you will have it covered so I’ve bracketed it off so we can both pretend I haven’t really just tried to offer advice that we both know you really don’t need!!!
    (Do your physio and don’t try to run before you can walk-doing the right thing in the early weeks will make the later weeks easier.)

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