Too blessed to complain


Yesterday, Joe & I were invited to a meet and greet at work with senior leadership. We had the opportunity to chat with some of the people that we interact with regularly but are located in different states.  It was a nice evening and we had a lot of laughs.

Towards the end, we were chatting with one particular leader and he shared something personal that he does. Every morning, as soon as he wakes up, he writes down 3 things that he is grateful for from the day before. He uses the first 3 things that pop in his head and they are typically everyday things like being blessed with the ability to heat his home or putting his child to bed at night.  The purpose for him was to start his day with a reminder of how blessed he is and not start his day with a negative thought, or complaint, about the day ahead. He called this his “Too blessed to complain” journal. He showed us his phone and scrolled through the dozens of journal entries he has.

This reminded me of the 5 year journal that I was gifted recently, that I use to track one thing each day that made me smile.  I shared this with the leader and also indicated that his habit fits perfectly into my life currently.

When we arrived home after dark last night, our entire yard was lit up with trucks and power company workers…yet our house was completely dark. Our road has been closed for construction since before Thanksgiving and yesterday afternoon, a truck moving dirt backed into a telephone pole. The pole snapped, pulling the wires tight. Those wires then snapped the two poles in our back yard. The power company was working hard to replace those poles and restore power to our house and two others.

Frustrating? Yes. But thankfully we had enjoyed an evening at work that brought us home late, just in time for little man to go to bed, and we had snacked already.  We scavenged the house for candles and flashlights, snuggled up in our bed and had a slumber party. I read my book to Jacob until he fell alseep.  The hard working power company outside didn’t leave until after 1030pm last night, our power restored.

If that happened a year ago, I may have been angry and reacted differently. Instead, I chose to embrace the moment and enjoy it the best I could. This statement from my leadership summarizes my thoughts.  Not just last night, but throughout this journey since diagnosis.  I am too blessed to complain.

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