Where in the world…

After Joe & I were engaged, we started thinking about our honeymoon. Where in the world would we go?! The options in our minds were endless…we explored the idea of Fiji, Napa Valley, a week in a houseboat locally, Disney World, Europe and everywhere in between. Countless hours were spent researching where to go, how much it would cost and how long we could stay. Despite all of the research though, we couldn’t make up our minds!

Time continued to fly, as it often does, and all of a sudden it was a week before our wedding and we still hadn’t booked our honeymoon. Eeek! We started to research some more and decided on a cruise. There was one leaving just a few days after our wedding. Neither of us had been on a cruise before and weren’t really sure what to expect but we decided to go for it. So 3 days before our wedding, we booked it!

Little did we know at the time that we booked it, that we had picked the newest and greatest of the Norwegian Cruise Line ships – Epic. It was incredible. We spent 7 days on this ship and traveled to the Western Caribbean. We didn’t book any excursions ahead of time and decided to “wing it”.

Our first stop was Costa Maya. After a day of cocktails on an amazing beach, we walked into a local town and found a tequila shop set up in someone’s home – literally. We met the homeowner / tequila expert, as well as his daughter and a few friends of his, and spent the afternoon learning all about tequila. It was amazing! We bought as much as we could hold when we left. They didn’t even have real bottles in it so we filled all of our water bottles! He now owns a restaurant on the beach, where he sells his tequila. Someday we will visit again!

Next was Roatan, where we walked the town for hours and shopped a little. We met a local artist, learned about him and his family and enjoyed some of his artwork. It was beautiful.

Our last stop was in Cozumel. At this point, we felt relatively comfortable exploring on our own so we decided to rent a scooter and explore the island. We started by following the tour buses to the local Mayan ruins, where we learned about the history of the Mayans. Next, we decided to follow the road along the coast. We stopped every mile or two to look at the ocean. It was incredible. The waves crashed beautifully against the shore, taking the turquoise water and spilling it amongst the rocks and sand. Amazing.

We were sad when it ended and yet we couldn’t wait to experience such an epic adventure again. To celebrate being cancer free, we want to plan a dream vacation. Somewhere beautiful, possibly exotic, somewhere that we can enjoy the land, the water and the world while creating memories together. I once again feel like the choices are endless, and yet I can’t decide where to go!

Where have you traveled, that you loved? Where would you go, if you could travel anywhere in the world?

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