Sick of being sick!

I’ve been fighting off a cold for almost a week now and I finally caved and visited a doctor. It makes me nervous to get sick with everything going on in my body and I want to be healthy for the holiday so I figured it was best to get checked out. It’s basically a cold gone bad, so slight upper respiratory infection / bronchitis. I started a round of antibiotics tonight so I’m hoping they kick in quickly. Sleep isn’t coming easily due to the nasal congestion and throat pain. This is my third sickness after treatment – I am seriously over being sick!

Little man also visited the doctor today, though this was a scheduled visit to the ear, nose and throat doctor to chat about whether or not to put tubes in his ears. He has had 6 ear infections since late March, with two of them being doubles. Today is ears were clear with no signs of fluid or infection so that’s great news. The doctor said that he is prone to ear infections and that it is only a matter of time before another one hits, especially this time of year.

So now we have a decision to make. I’ve heard a lot of great things about tubes and a few not-so-great things. The regular use of antibiotics at such a young age scares me, plus I hate how badly ear infections make little man feel. But surgery also scares me, despite how short the procedure is since he would have to be put under. Of course there are risks with either choice.

So I thought, along with doing some googling, I’d ask what your experience has been with tubes in the ears. Anyone have an experience they can share? I appreciate any insight!

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