The day after

The day following chemo treatment is mostly filled with chaos…in my head. I am still in a steroid induced haze of energy and quick thoughts that aim to be productive but mostly just help create this chaos. I am enjoying a coffee to help add some clarity (and reduce the chance of a caffeine withdrawal headache) but that sometimes makes me just want to run around a little more. That’s ok though, there is always something to do to keep busy. I will spend the next few days feeling down so I like the pump of energy today brings. It makes me feel a little more alive despite the chemicals floating around inside of me.

I anxiously await the arrival of 2 of my sisters and 1 of my nephews, who will keep us company over the weekend. It is supposed to be beautiful here so I hope that means a walk or two so I can get some fresh fall Florida air to fill my lungs.

Hydration is this afternoon, which I am actually looking forward to. I am excited to see whether or not there are any Love Jars remaining. It warms my heart to hear such a positive response to them. It is a small contribution that Team Red Phoenix can have in this world, but there is potential for it to have big, happy impacts. I hope that love continues to spread!

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope your day – and weekend – is filled with love.

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