12 years…


In 2003 Sheryl, one of my very best friends from childhood, wanted to introduce me to a boy she knew from a previous job. She had been asking me to meet him for months and I kept pushing it off and evading the question. We were walking through the mall one day and she asked me again. The conversation went as it typically did, except this time I caved.

Sheryl: “I am telling you, Joe is perfect for you! You will get along great.”

Me: “Yeah, yeah, I know. Maybe next week.”

Sheryl: “Oh come on! Just meet him! I’ll come with you, it’ll be fun!”

Me: “I’m sure he’s great. I’ll think about it.”

Sheryl: “Pppllleeaassseeee???”

Me: (Insert eye roll) “Fine! I’ll meet him. Tonight. That’s it though, if he isn’t available tonight then you can’t ask me again.”

Sheryl immediately whipped out her pink flip phone and made a call, smiling her widest smile. Within a few minutes, we were scheduled to meet up at Joe’s house with a few mutual friends.

That night, 12 years ago today, I met Joe. (And, ironically, his roommate who is also named Joe!) After an awkward introduction to the “Joes”, Sheryl and I sat and chit-chatted while the boys played video games. The night itself was low key but I decided that I did, in fact, want to learn more about Joe. I started hanging out with him more and more and started to get to know him better. He had a great smile, he was kind and he made me laugh. We started dating and, as they say, the rest is history.

When I think back to how this life with Joe all began, it makes me smile. My best friend knew we were perfect for each other, even though we didn’t at the time, and wouldn’t give up on us meeting each other. Who would have thought that night would change both of our lives forever?

How did you meet the love of your life?

4 thoughts on “12 years…

  1. So funny how life works!!! I met Cam randomly on the internet. Back in the days before there were dating sites, there were AOL profiles. And I just randomly clicked his name and started a chat with this person half way around the world. Life works just the way it’s supposed to even when we don’t understand it or see it coming!

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  2. I had decided to study aboard. I chose New Zealand the furthest place from home. Everyone said I would meet someone and never come back. I told them “No. No. That’s not why I’m going. I just want to travel and meet new friends” I met a wonderful guy. We started dating. I’ve been living here in New Zealand for 8 years now. 🙂

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