Stubborn who?

Progress, my friends! A visit to the oncologist today for my weekly checkup showed more progress being made. The tumor itself is significantly smaller. Significantly, as in (my guess), about a third of the size that it was originally. I want to cry as I type those words. A third of the size. Amazing. The lymph nodes in my left armpit are still quite swollen but they are moveable now, which is a huge change from the beginning. The cancer is dying!

It’s incredible. As my oncologist reminded me, my body is taking a beating right now. But that beating is killing this cancer. It is killing the disease that is trying to kill me. After just two aggressive treatments, major progress is being made. The hope – and intent – is that after the 4 remaining treatments, the cancer will be completely gone. This will help determine the best surgery for me and make my prognosis that much better long term. Keep those prayers coming, folks. Because they are working!

Oh, and to shed a little light on the incredible team of people that I have in my corner, I have a story from today’s visit. When discussing some of the medication that is available to ease the side effects of treatment, I was explaining that there is one in particular I try not to take unless absolutely necessary. She looked at me straight faced and said, “Wow, you are stubborn aren’t you?” My husband looked at me and immediately started cracking up, as did I.

Why yes, actually. Yes, I am.

She then reminded me that the medication is there to make the side effects more tolerable and that I don’t need to consider it as a last resort only. That helped ease my mind a bit, as I often wonder about the amount of medication that I am taking regularly. I was also reminded about the importance of resting, especially as the treatments compound.

Oh and after the very long ride home with my husband, where I heard him repeat “You are stubborn, aren’t you?” over and over again, I am now debating on whether or not to banish him from all future oncologist appointments. We don’t need him to have confirmation from a doctor on all of my quirks.

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