Massage Monday

Labor with my son was a long, hard, tiring experience. I was in labor for over 18 hours and actively pushing for more than two. I experienced painful back labor and 2 epidurals because the first one fell out. Little man was head down but facing the wrong way and the nurse was trying her hardest to get him to turn. At one point, my contractions slowed and went 15 – 20 minutes in between so I was given medicine to induce labor again. Towards the end of labor, the doctor came in and told my husband and me that if the baby wasn’t out within the hour then she would have to do an emergency cesarean. I was exhausted but kept pushing.

Thanks to the help of my amazing nurse, he finally turned. It was time! As the second epidural began to wear off, the nurse approached me and my husband. She explained that there was concern about little man’s shoulders fitting through and that there would be extra nurses coming in to assist with labor. I needed to remain calm no matter what and keep pushing as hard as I could. Despite all of the unexpected drama that labor brought, Jacob was born at 9:08pm. Turns out that the cord was wrapped around his leg slightly, which was the reason he had a struggle turning. He had a mild temperature because of the amount of time that I was in labor. But he was perfect. Completely and utterly perfect.

The next day, the medicine had worn off and the pain began to set in. I began to feel the effects of the long and strenuous labor. My head began to pound constantly and I could barely move my neck from side to side. The pain was horrible and nothing seemed to relieve it. My back would spasm so bad at times that I would fall to my knees, which created challenges with carrying around a newborn. This went on for days after birth and I didn’t know what to do. My friend suggested a chiropractor and recommended hers. I was willing to try anything.

It worked wonders. Dr. Ben was incredibly helpful, funny and offered tips to help alleviate the pain at home as well. Within a few hours of the first visit, I had relief. I distinctly remember laughing at the relief because it was the best that I had felt since birth. I continued to visit for adjustments and chiropractic massage, which fixed me up completely. I don’t know how I would have made it through those first few weeks without the help of the chiropractor.

I started having back pain a few weeks ago and made an appointment to see the chiropractor again. Dr. Ben was awesome, as usual. Aside from my adjustment, he offered some great tips on ways that I can better myself holistically to aid in the treatment and healing process with cancer. I truly value his opinion and the insight that he provides. He recommended chiropractic massage throughout my treatments as a way to eliminate toxins from my body.

So I experienced my first lymphatic massage today. While it is much less intense than the chiropractic massages that I have received in the past, it was just as relaxing. The masseuse did a light massage over my entire body, in calculated brush strokes that encourages the fluids to move towards the lymph nodes within the body. I think knowing that I am helping to heal my body, even while it continues to battle this disease, helps make the entire experience that much better.

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