Strength in numbers


When my son’s first birthday approached, I began to hunt for the perfect onesie. I wanted something personalized that fit his theme and had “Birthday Boy” written on his little tooshie. I went to Etsy and began my search. I found a seller, Pickles and Rain Designs, whose work I really liked and who had excellent reviews. Reaching out, I described what I was looking for and asked if it was possible to create it. The seller, Kim, was super helpful in offering her expertise and suggestions to make it perfect. Kim’s designs are custom made embroideries. They are absolutely incredible! When the onesie arrived, it was everything that I wanted for little man. It was perfect for his special day.

After my first treatment, I started thinking about wanting to wear something each time that gave me strength. I also wanted something that my family could wear as well, in support of me and to give them strength through the day. Immediately, I thought of Kim and the work she did for little man’s birthday.

Once again, Kim was wonderful to work with to help me design a shirt. I knew that I wanted to use the Red Phoenix symbol but I wasn’t sure of the color or exactly what it should say. Kim offered her thoughts based on her experience and once we decided on the design, she started making the shirts.

They arrived yesterday and I am beyond happy. They are PERFECT! For my next treatment, knowing that my family will be rocking these awesome shirts alongside of me will give me extra strength.

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