Happy Friday!

Me & little man

Every morning, my husband gets up early and readies himself for the work day. He makes lunch for little man when needed, puts together all of the supplies little man needs for the day and then wakes up our sweet boy and dresses him for the day. My husband makes sure there is nothing that I need to start my day and then heads off to drive little man out to daycare before beginning his work day. He keeps our family going and works so hard to provide normalcy to us.

This morning, our sweet boy woke up hungry at 545am – much earlier than the 7am wakeup he typically has. My husband brought him some milk and I snuggled him in bed for a bit while my husband dressed for work. When Jacob was all done snuggling and ready to play, I got up with him. We tottered off to his room where he helped me pick out his clothes for the day and took a break from getting dressed to play with a few stuffed animals. My husband joined us and made elephant noises while holding a stuffed elephant. Little man tried to copy him and we all giggled at the silly noises and my inability to even remotely sound like an elephant.

This may not sound like a lot but it was an incredible morning. While I am not entirely myself yet, I feel so much better than I have in over a week. I was able to get up with our family and help them prepare for the day – and even had a few minutes to play in between. I am so grateful for a new day, for feeling better and for my incredible husband and son, who make the days brighter. Happy Friday everyone!

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