Day 2 – DONE!

Start of the day:

Beginning of day meds

End of the day:

End of day meds

Today went well. It was about an hour and a half shorter than the first treatment round, though still a long day. I was prepared for the liquid Benadryl this time and was able to take a few short naps. I didn’t sleep quite as long as the first time. It was a little hard to shut my mind off.

The first step after arriving is to attach my port to the needle that they’ll use for the day. Before leaving the house for the day, I cover the skin of my port area with lidocaine cream to numb it for the needle placement. The nurse and I both wear masks while she cleans the entire area. Then she locates the port hole, I take a deep breath, and the needle goes in. It didn’t hurt at all today, thanks to the swelling going down and the lidocaine cream.

Next, they flush my port and then draw my blood to check my counts. Although my platelets, white and red blood cell and hemoglobin counts are declining, they seem to be declining at a slow rate and are still in a good (normal) range. This is great!

Then I received a hydration, a steroid, liquid Benadryl and anti-nausea medicine before beginning the chemotherapy. I am still doing the 4 separate chemotherapy drugs but was able to do the Herceptin in 60 minutes instead of 90 because I didn’t have any adverse reactions to the initial treatment. All of these things are done one at a time. Once all of the medicines are done, I received a little more hydration, my port is flushed out and the needle is removed for the day. I do have the option to keep the needle in until tomorrow but I opt not to because it worries me with little man (even being wrapped up) and I wouldn’t be able to shower until after tomorrow’s follow up appointment.

My lymph nodes are rather painful since I left treatment. They have hurt a little here and there over the last few weeks but not consistently like tonight. I take that as a sign that the treatment is working hard already – KILL THAT CANCER!!!

Aside from that, I am tired. I felt pretty good the last week or so and forgot how exhausting the treatment is for me. I’m going to lay down, put my feet up and snuggle my husband and little man. Thank you all for your kind words today!

Setting aside the 1 drug I’ll continue to get for a year, we are 2 down – 4 to go! Yay!

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