When getting ready for work this morning, I debated on whether or not I wanted to wear a wig, a scarf or go bald. It was a bit freeing to go bald all day yesterday but I thought it might be nice get a little dressed up today so I opted to wear a wig. While the color is darker than my hair normally is, the style is similar to the short cut I’ve had recently. It lacks my normal curls but prior to my recent cut, I had been straightening my hair pretty consistently anyway. So the style and the feel of the hair felt relatively normal.

The wearing of the wig itself was a bit odd throughout the day. I could feel the elastic, which was a little bothersome but I imagine it is something that I will eventually get used to feeling. I had a bit of a challenge trying to figure out how to wear my glasses. I tried under the wig at first, but that put too much pressure on my head. Wearing them outside of the wig and resting them on my ears was more comfortable but didn’t feel quite as secure. I adjusted them more than usual to reassure myself that they were staying put.

My head definitely didn’t get cold like it did yesterday, but wearing a wig didn’t help my hot flashes either. It was a little warm under there a few times throughout the day. Thankfully, the heat of summer is quickly disappearing. I am not looking forward to sporting a wig on a hot summer day in Florida! (Does anyone else recall the Sex & the City episode with Samantha giving a speech in her wig?)

All in all, I’d say my first wig wearing experience while being out of the house was a success. I will admit that I took it off the moment that I walked into the house and felt relief – and a bit of coolness too.

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