And then she was bald

During swimming lessons this summer, my son had a few days in the water where he kept grabbing his hair as it floated around his little head. Little man doesn’t have a whole lot of hair but he had some growing in around that time. The instructor told us that he was grabbing at it because the sensation felt new – and odd – on his head. This is how I felt last night. The air on my head, rubbing my hands through over it and leaning it against the pillow were strange, new experiences. It was a little weird and a lot different. Mostly though, it was a relief. I don’t have to worry about when it will all fall out – because it is all gone.

Today in the shower I stared at the shampoo bottle, not really sure what to do. It seemed silly to lather my head but bar soap didn’t seem like the best option either. I opted for a loofah and body soap – which came as part of an incredibly thoughtful gift from the wonderful teachers at my son’s daycare! I lathered up the loofah and then I lathered up my head. I’m not going to lie, it felt amazing. You know when you go for a haircut and the hairdresser massages your head while the shampoo settles into your hair? It felt slightly more awesome than that.

I hope to master some pretty cool ways to wrap a scarf on my head in the coming weeks and I know I will get good use out of my wigs. I also have some cool pre-tied scarves and fashionable hats already, thanks to some amazing friends and family. I spent the evening and today bald though. I want to get used to the feeling and seeing myself without hair. Who’s ready for some pictures?!

IMG_4219IMG_4222 IMG_4230  IMG_4235 IMG_4243 IMG_424420150913_134838

One thought on “And then she was bald

  1. Meg,
    You are beautiful inside and out. It amazes me how brave you are. My mother & my aunt have been survivors for 13 years, my other aunt was just diagnosed recently and I pray for her and You that you will overcome and beat it as well. Your in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Stay strong and always have hope, God is on your side.
    ~deb 💞🙏


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