I am blessed

As I pack my bag in preparation for tomorrow and kiss my sweet little man good night, I feel blessed. For so many reasons.  In ways that I cannot begin to comprehend or adequately express.

I have found the love of my life and am lucky enough to call him my husband.

I have the gift of a son, who keeps me on my toes and never ceases to amaze me with his love and sense of wonder.

I have a MASSIVE team of family and friends cheering me on and rallying for me to beat this.

I am surrounded by love and support everywhere I turn.

I have the ability to obtain treatment by an incredible team of people, who I trust have my best interest – and my life – in mind.

I have the beach in my (almost) backyard, where I can go and wash away all the cares of the world just by watching the waves and hearing the ocean.

I know I will beat this.

Because I am blessed.

One thought on “I am blessed

  1. Hi there. Just a note that im reading. I see your story. And im inspired. We all have stories, some of us dont talk of them as publicly as others. But for those who choose to share a serious part of thier life, like you, are just genuinely sincere and motivating.
    Im praying for you and your family all the way through this. Im here to lend an ear or a text or a shoulder. Anytime.
    I hope you are just as encouraged as you encouraged others to be brave. As a matter of fact, when i think of you- i think of Merida. From the movie Brave. Keep on keeping on!!! God bless.

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