When the port placement was explained to me a few weeks ago, the nurse expressed the importance of only allowing the surgeon and the oncologist access to the port. It’s easy access to draw blood but if done too frequently or with the wrong needle it can damage the port.

“No one else can have access to your port. Don’t even tell them that you have one. It’s off limits.”

At the time, I thought it was odd that having easy port access was such an attractive trait. I must admit, after the number of blood draws in recent weeks, I can understand the appeal! But it’s off limits to unauthorized personnel. 😉

Today went well. It was a long day but my husband kept me laughing throughout the experience. It’s amazing how much prep work goes into a day like this. Special soap that took 3 stores to find (apparently it’s located in the first aid aisle, not the soap aisle) and no food / water after midnight (Gremlins, anyone?). I’ve never felt so clean in my life, between the specialty soap for 2 days and the antibacterial wipes that I needed to use prior to putting on my gown. Does changing into a hospital gown behind a curtain make anyone else dress as quickly as humanly possible?

When the nurses first came in to chat with me about the procedure and what to expect, I questioned whether or not I would be knocked out.

“Of course you will be!” They responded, eyes wide. When I shared that I witnessed a video of a man awake during the procedure, they had a good laugh. I expressed how relieved I was to hear that news!

Everyone that I interacted with today was wonderful. They answered all my questions, were friendly and they all seemed to really enjoy their jobs and helping people. We even had quite a few laughs throughout the day.

The surgery itself went well, the follow up x-ray was good and I enjoyed a nap while waiting in the recovery room. I even woke up to the nurse telling me, “You are so pretty. I can’t get over how beautiful you are!” She was too kind!

The incision is smaller than I had envisioned, which was a nice surprise. It is sore and a bit uncomfortable but I’m hoping that won’t last for too long. Here’s hoping that tomorrow isn’t too bad either.

Thank you for all of the messages that I received today. I appreciate each and every one of you!

One adventure down for the week – and one more to go. I’d say so far it’s been a success!

One thought on “Success!

  1. Well it sounds like you had an awesome team working to get you through the day! Glad it went well hun. Keep those spirits high, it comes through in your writing!

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